Meet Our Leaders

We are leaders. We listen, learn, educate and apply our knowledge to work for you. From our founding, our team of professionals have been dedicated to client service and the protection of our client’s to deliver returns.

Our Leaders

  • Jason D. Turner, Venbrook, Chief Executive Officer, Risk Expert, CEO
    Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

    Jason D. Turner is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Venbrook Group, LLC. He is responsible for corporate leadership of the risk management, insurance and reinsurance broking firms, as well as developing and implementing core strategy, building infrastructure, and establishing the Venbrook vision and values systems. From modest origins as the sole proprietor of a retail brokerage, Jason has led Venbrook through a series of successful transitions and acquisitions.

  • William Lopatin, Venbrook Chairman,

    Bill Lopatin serves as Chairman of the Board for Venbrook Group, LLC. He joined the firm in 2007. Previously he headed transplant surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, served as a transplant medical director and consultant for numerous health insurance companies, including Healthcare, Healthnet, Pacificare, and Foundation Health. Bill is responsible for the strategic management and the direct oversight of underwriting and claims management.

Executive Team

  • Gregory W. Econn
    Co-President & Managing Director,
    Venbrook Insurance Services


  • Gig Palmer, Venbrook, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Risk Management, Risk Services

    Gig Palmer
    Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer


  • David Rosen

    David Rosen
    Managing Director,
    Brooks Insurance Agency


  • Mira Wolff

    Mira Wolff
    Chief Human Resources Officer & General Counsel


Business Advisors, Risk Managers & Specialists

Our team averages over 35+ years of experience in providing risk management and client solutions. One of the most important functions we serve is that of consultant, helping you assess and manage liabilities as part of a comprehensive approach to risk control.