Meet Our Leaders

We are leaders. We listen, learn, educate, and apply our knowledge to work for you. From our founding, our team of professionals has been dedicated to client service and the protection of our clients to deliver returns.


Jason D. Turner
Chief Executive Officer
Venbrook Group, LLC

Jack Reddy
Chief Human Resources Officer
Venbrook Group, LLC

Pamala Sheridan
Executive Vice President, Compliance & Risk Management
Venbrook Group, LLC

Justin Slaten
Chief Information Officer
Venbrook Group, LLC

Richard Wolff
Chief Financial Officer
Venbrook Group, LLC

Michael Holmes
Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations
Venbrook Group, LLC

Kelvin Lai
Chief Accounting Officer
Venbrook Group, LLC

Erika Magana
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Venbrook Group, LLC

Jenna Marinc
Vice President of Finance/Treasurer
Venbrook Group, LLC

Stephanie Mercado
Vice President, Human Resources
Venbrook Group, LLC

Suparna Sain
Vice President, Data Analytics
Venbrook Group, LLC

Jeffrey Lang
Executive Vice President, Retail Services
Venbrook Insurance Services

Alison Myers
Executive Vice President, Employee Benefits Practice
Venbrook Insurance Services

Louis Pippin
Chief Claims Officer
Venbrook Claims Services

Gregory W. Econn
Co-President & Managing Director
Venbrook Insurance Services

Brenda Sherman
Chief Underwriting Officer
Cardigan General Insurance Services

Jason Allen
Worldwide Risk Management

Rob Parisi
RD Parisi & Associates

David Rosen
Brooks Insurance Agency

Kimberly Rowan
Vice President
Student Insurance Agency

Thomas Sleeper
InterContinental Insurance Brokers

Angelique King
Executive Vice President
Carl Warren & Company

Richard McAbee
Chief Marketing Officer
Carl Warren & Company

Sarah Novakovich
Chief Operating Officer
Venbrook Claims Services

Paula Snider
Executive Vice President, Independent Adjusters
DMA Claims

Suzie Spencer
Vice President, Business Development
Carl Warren & Company

Duke Snider
Strategic Claims Advisor
Venbrook Group, LLC

Business Advisors, Risk Managers & Specialists

Our team of specialists averages over 35+ years of experience in providing risk management and client solutions. One of the most important functions we serve is that of a business advisor and risk manager, helping you assess and manage liabilities as part of a comprehensive approach to risk control.