We Protect Your Assets to Empower Your Business

The ability to manage uncertainty effectively is an essential part of every successful business model. Recognizing those potential risks helps your business focus its resources better, deploy capital more strategically, and demonstrate to others that your organization is well managed and prepared. Our wide range of specialized insurance solutions include:

  • + Affinity Programs

    Find out how we provide business professionals access to insurance, financial services, and other specialty programs through association and alumni memberships.

  • + Boiler and Machinery

    Also known as equipment breakdown insurance, we offer solutions that protect you from costly liabilities as well as business recovery costs associated with malfunctioning or inoperable mission-critical machinery and equipment.

  • + Builders Risk

    When you’re building or renovating, let us help protect against damage to your property, fixtures, construction equipment and materials, as well as costly delays.

  • + Business Auto

    No matter which industry you’re in, or the size of your organization, almost every company needs access to cost-effective coverage that offers protection in the event of a vehicle-related claim.

  • + Casualty

    A broad category of coverage that insures against third party property damage, bodily injury, and other liabilities.

  • - Crime

    Let us help you manage the risks associated with white-collar crimes such as fraud, forgery, embezzlement, theft, and other types of employee dishonesty.

  • + Commercial General Liability

    Typically one of the more expensive aspects of any insurance program, we’ll work to help you keep costs down while protecting you financially from accidental injury or damage to people and property.

  • + Cyber Liability and Privacy

    Of increasing importance to organizations today, a cyber and privacy policy can cover your liability when data is breached and your customers’ personal information is compromised.

  • + Difference in Conditions

    Allow our team to help you design coverages to enhance and cover gaps in coverage when your existing policies don't provide adequate coverage or limits. 


  • + Directors & Officers/Management Liability

    It’s critically important to protect the leaders and supervisors of your organization from personal financial loss. Our risk-management specialists can help develop a plan to cover the unique risks inherent to your enterprise (services including Private Equity Liabilities and D&O Liability).

  • + Employee Benefits

    A well-designed benefits package can help you attract new talent, retain existing employees, and maintain high morale among your workforce, which translates into increased productivity. Let us help you design an Employee Benefits package that’s most appropriate to the size, function, and needs of your organization.

  • + Environmental

    For many businesses today, it’s more important than ever to protect themselves from claims related to disasters and contaminants caused by pollution, leaks, chemicals and other unintended environmental exposures.

  • + Excess and Umbrella Liability

    Offering coverage limits above and beyond a business’s primary liability policies. If a claim exhausts the limits of your primary policy, an excess liability policy picks up where the primary leaves off.

  • + Ocean and Inland Marine

    Our specialists can advise you on the best way to reduce risks and mitigate losses associated with a property that is mobile or being transported anywhere in the world.

  • + Personal Lines

    Venbrook® PersonalPLUS™ serves complex, high-net-worth personal accounts insured by multiple policies. Offering a comprehensive, high-level review and analysis of you and your family’s aggregate insurance coverage, we can eliminate gaps and over-insurance, and keep all your personal assets prudently protected.

  • + Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions

    Regardless of the scope or size of your business, we can help develop a comprehensive insurance solution that fits your needs when providing a service to others, including Private Equity Fund Management/ Investment Advisory, Employed Lawyer Liability, and more.

  • + Property

    Take advantage of our deep expertise in complex property placements and proprietary policy language to develop strategies and solutions for all the risks and liabilities associated with property ownership, operation, and management.

  • + Surety

    Obtain the industry expertise and Surety bond capacity recommendations to meet your specific requirements, whether you need a commercial Surety contract or other types of Surety bond.

  • + Trade Risk

    A trade credit insurance policy allows you to sell with confidence, providing valuable protection against the consequences of domestic or overseas customer insolvency and non-payment.

  • + Workers' Compensation

    Workers’ Compensation helps protect you and your employees from job-related injuries and illnesses. Let us help protect you from financial liabilities and reduce workplace mishaps.