Ours is a more strategic approach to managing risk and loss.

Prevent loss before it happens.

As one of the first national insurance brokerages to provide middle-market firms a Fortune 5000 approach to risk management, Venbrook leverages the expertise of a team of forward-thinking specialists – and our reputable partner network – to offer a broad spectrum of insurance solutions and risk management in a multitude of industries and emerging sectors.

Implementing an effective risk-management framework across your organization, regardless of size, can transform and improve the way you do business. From economic and political to physical and human capital risks, being prepared for catastrophic events as well as everyday liabilities can separate you from your competitors. And with the added flexibility that comes with the right options, you are better equipped to face the risks that can affect every organization.

Business Structure:

Venbrook Group, LLC is structured to protect your enterprise by operating a strong business platform engaged in the insurance marketplace, including: retail brokerage, wholesale & general agent, underwriting, and reinsurance.

Risk Management:

We partner with you to understand your risks, including: hazard, financial, operational and strategic. As an advisor, we help manage your entire risk portfolio, negotiate with insurance carriers, and get you the most competitive solutions.

Consultative, Client-First Approach:

Our risk-management consultants will serve as your advocate, seeking out opportunities to enhance your risk-transfer approach, and representing you in negotiations with underwriters and audits by federal and state agencies. You’ll also enjoy access to our Quarterly Legislative Update newsletter, which helps you stay up to date on changing insurance and safety regulations.

Risk Philosophy:

Our risk philosophy is marked by continuous growth and a commitment to understanding our customers’ needs. Employing a client-first approach, Venbrook delivers risk-management ideas and solutions that empower institutions to minimize uncertainty, protect their assets and optimize profitability.

Full Spectrum of Solutions:

The Venbrook Group of companies deal with various areas in the marketplace, from Commercial Insurance, Employee Benefits, Private Client Services, to Wholesale Brokerage & Managing General Agency, and Claims Management.