For certainty in an uncertain world, stay fully prepared with the right risk management services.

Without calculated risk, there would be no progress. Prudent individuals and organizations realize preparing for the unexpected means more than merely purchasing insurance. The ability to manage uncertainty and risk effectively is an essential part of both your future and any successful business model. At Venbrook, we understand this and encourage our clients to be as fully prepared as possible.

We do this by offering our value-added services designed to protect you from these uncertainties.

Risk Management: We pride ourselves on having assembled a team of top professionals from diverse business backgrounds, including medicine, law, investment banking and insurance.

Safety Management and Loss Control: We are nationally recognized experienced Safety and Loss Control professionals. We provide in-depth assessments via property inspections, assist with identification of safety program elements needed to enhance injury prevention and injury reduction targets, and assist you with audits related to underwriting, claims compliance and quality, strategic planning, consulting, and customer safety and training programs.

Insurance Coverage Analysis: We provide you with the necessary knowledge and experience to analyze coverage under a variety of different commercial policies. We advocate for you every day for your insurance rights and provide advice to available coverage, gaps in coverage, policy renewals and work with you in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Workers' Compensation: Venbrook can help you manage the entire process, including liaising with examiners, carriers, and attorneys, maintaining records, monitoring case progress, and communicating with employees. We’ll advocate for you, treat stakeholders with fairness and respect, resolve cases promptly and minimize losses by working to prevent claims before they happen.

Claims Management Analysis: Venbrook’s in-house claims management is proactive, getting out in front of claims fast, personalized, with terms and service-level agreements designed to serve policyholders the way you want them serviced; and preventative, offering transparent claims data analysis and loss-control programs that improve your bottom line. You need a team that can be trusted to provide seamless support and a consistent high level of service.

Tracking Software and Analytics: We use the latest Web-based systems to record data, track policies, and analyze your assets all online. We then output that information in timely, monthly summary reports so you can analyze your most current operational risks. Our tracking database is a one-stop-shop approach to collecting and evaluating all your risk-transfer-related resources.

Green Real Estate Consulting: If you own or manage a commercial real-estate interest and you’re claiming an energy-efficiency incentive from the government or another agency, you may have the opportunity to "green up." Venbrook can help you learn about energy-efficiency incentives. Consult with a Venbrook specialist about a developing a custom green building risk management strategy for your commercial property.