Louis Pippin, Chief Claims Officer, featured in a The Defense Never Rests podcast interview with Morgan & Akins, PLLC

In the interview, Louis highlights claims management technology's pain points and how he manages and navigates it to operate seamlessly with Venbrook’s claim divisions: Carl Warren & Company, OneSource Claims Management Solutions, and DMA Claims.

How do you get people excited about a career in claims? For many of us, the response is – that’s easy, claims ARE exciting. But for those who work in claims the career trajectory and potential opportunities are obvious. However, for those on the outside, that may not be as apparent. Insurance still carries a bit of that old school stigma with it and from the conversations I am having – there is a collective agreement that we need to work to change that image! And we talk about this week on the Defense Never Rests with Louis Pippin who is the Chief Claims Officer at Venbrook Group with many many years of claims experience under his belt. We chatted about his pain points which includes attracting (and keeping) talent. Because let’s face it, the insurance industry isn’t going anywhere and we need people to not only work in it, but stay here for the long haul. We need our future leaders. That’s not all Louis has to say….we talk about investigating fraud, technology headaches and industry changes…to name a few. How do you think we attract and keep young talent in the insurance industry?

Listen now to “Seamless Technology in Claims.”

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