Thinking of those who’ve experienced a recent wildfire, flood, or earthquake, recovery can be daunting. Amidst the chaos, we need to remain on guard against rip-off artists who target vulnerable policyholders. In the wake of natural disasters, we all must remain vigilant and informed about insurance scams.


  • Stay informed. Scammers exploit confusion. Familiarize yourself with common tactics con artists use and be cautious when dealing with unfamiliar entities promising quick solutions.
  • Verify and validate. Double-check the legitimacy of insurance agents, adjusters, or contractors. Reach out to your insurance provider directly to verify their credentials before sharing sensitive information.
  • Document everything. Detailed records are essential. Keep track of communications, transactions, and documents related to your insurance claim or recovery process.
  • Don’t get pressured. A true professional won't pressure you into making a hasty decision. Take your time, seek advice from trusted sources, and avoid high-pressure tactics.
  • Check credentials. Licensed and certified professionals are your best allies. Ensure the individuals you deal with are appropriately credentialed in your state.
  • Consult your provider. When unsure, your insurance provider can help. Reach out to them for advice and referrals rather than relying on external sources.

Let's navigate these challenges and emerge stronger together. Remember, resilience is a powerful defense against scams. Stay safe, stay informed, and stay protected.


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