Venbrook Group continues to provide best-in-class client service and risk management solutions through our commitment to exceptional client service. A reflection of the strong client relationships we've built is seen in the high (70%) Net Promoter Score (NPS) recently earned by Venbrook Insurance Services, (60%) NPS earned by Brooks Insurance Agency, and (90%) NPS earned by Cardigan General Insurance Services.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a reliable measure of policyholder and client loyalty, calculated by surveying clients to measure their overall feelings associated with a company or brand. Promoters are loyal clients who are highly likely to recommend a company and their services. Detractors are dissatisfied, expected to provide negative feedback regarding services. The score is the difference between the percentage of Promoters and Detractors, ranging from -100 to 100. A good score is based on the industry.* In insurance, the average score is 45%, meaning Venbrook has far outranked our competitive set.

Our enterprise risk management approach provides clients with access to the insurance marketplace's major platforms, including; retail services, wholesale & managing general agency, underwriting, reinsurance and claims management, simplifying processes to protect client assets and optimize their business.

Our client-first approach is at the heart of everything we do as an organization. This is some of the feedback the NPS survey received:


Venbrook Insurance Services

“The exceptional team at Venbrook has always looked out for our best interests. They have exceeded our expectations.”

– VP of Finance, CA, Retail Customer

“Venbrook’s ability to handle everything related to insurance makes them valuable for us. We don’t have to worry about anything. They can handle employee benefits, property liability, workers’ compensation, and everything that we need.”

– Controller, IL, Retail Customer

“Venbrook’s value over other producers/agents is as a source of industry knowledge. They answer all our questions and are never trying only to sell a product. Venbrook will take the time to provide as much information as they can.”

– Operations, CA, Retail Customer


Brooks Insurance Agency

“Brooks Insurance Group has reach across many markets. Their expertise and  understanding is highly valuable to us.” 

– Co-Owner, Brooklyn, NY, Wholesale Customer

“We don’t have all the expertise our clients require, which is why we choose to work with  wholesalers like Brooks.” 

– Owner, New York, NY, Wholesale Customer

“Brooks has always been very accommodating to us and our clients, they are very  responsive to our needs despite the fact that I don’t do any million-dollar mega lines, all I  deal with are premiums $5000 or lower for small businesses.” 

– Owner, New York, NY, Wholesale Customer


Cardigan General Insurance Services

“We highly value the relationship developed with  Cardigan over time. It’s easy to do business with them, and we can trust each other. Their programs for school buses and NEMTs are very strong.” 

– President, Mahwah, NJ, MGA Customer

“The biggest value that Cardigan brings to us is the  knowledge and expertise of their underwriters who are pretty strict.”

– Vice President, Bloomfield, NJ, MGA Customer

“Cardigan offers us their seasoned underwriters who see the risk and are extremely knowledgeable. This is a highly valuable relationship for us.” 

– Owner, Kenilworth, NJ, MGA Customer



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