In general, insurance companies and brokers are uninformed about what warehouse operations entail, with limited industry expertise in bailment laws without established relationships or (the right) network of carriers that offer maximum protection and access. As a result, Warehouse Legal Liability is often misunderstood at best and miswritten at worst. Venbrook protects the largest warehouse operations in the US. Able to react immediately when a loss occurs, maintaining your business with as little disruption as possible. We understand the industry's issues across the spectrum—including storage, distribution, and transportation—of 3PL and Warehouse Liability. So wherever your goods are, or going, they're protected, and risk minimized.

Venbrook® 3PL True Coverage™ is a best-in-class program for including more than just general liability coverage for a warehouse or storage facility. Our specialty is Warehouse Legal Liability, customized for the risks unique to 3PL risk. Here is how we can help provide coverage for all your 3PL needs: 

Advantages of 3PL True Coverage™:

Eligible classes of business include public warehouses, contract warehouses, distribution centers, and 4PLs.

  • Buildings and Contents
  • Inland Marine
  • Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability
  • Trucking Liability
  • Warehouse Legal Liability

Highlights & Features

  • Warehouse Legal Liability and Bailment Liability that utilizes the best legal minds in the business to address the various demands and requests of your customers
  • We represent the leading insurance carriers that understand your industry and have designed specific insurance programs to manage the endless variety of operations that 3PLs conduct and offer
  • Most 3PL operations are insured by brokers/agents who are “generalists” and not privy to the unique exposures to loss that 3PL's face

Experts You Can Trust

As warehouse risks and vulnerabilities grow increasingly complex, many policies are ill-equipped to keep up with today's sophisticated new management systems, tools, and regulations. We wrote the book on Warehouse Liability and Risk. Our Logistics Risk Management team has 60+ years of experience. The importance of working with those experienced in third-party logistics and the bailment laws that govern this industry, can't be emphasized enough. Our history with established carriers, brokers/agents, and associations can help increase your retainage and protect against emerging new threats. 

Don't wait to become overwhelmed with regulatory and compliance issues. Instead, focus on improved accuracy, reaching more customers, and increasing profitability - and let the 3PL experts take care of you and your business.

For all your Risk Management Warehouse Solutions, please contact Eric Doll: 

Eric Doll | Senior Vice President | | (951) 318-7270

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